Delay payment of the goods

Material breach of contract constitutes one of the grounds for its termination at the request of one of the parties in court. In order for the failure or improper performance of obligation was found to be significant, it must possess in the aggregate the following characteristics: 1) the consequence of such action (or inaction) is the occurrence of damage to the other party; 2) the other party is deprived in a significant

Media: Review of laws

Currently, the "information component" confidently occupies its own niche in almost every area of life. The potential use is wide: in some cases, it can carry a positive trend, for example, to act as a tool for attracting clients and developing a referral business, in others, on the contrary, it can be charged negative pulse, for example, "to destroy" years of building international relationships

The imperfection of the legal regulation of modern medicine

Day-to-day involved in the implementation of the program of obligatory medical insurance (hereinafter – "the program of OMS"), health insurance companies and medical organizations, providing appropriate assistance, faced with the problem of ambiguous interpretation of the provisions of the laws and regulations in the field of health protection and imperfection of the existing mechanism of payment for services provided under this program. The fact that

The way of legalization of illegal construction

In practice quite often you can face a situation when the construction objects erected with infringements, for example: without obtaining a building permit or with a permit for the construction of the assignment coincides with the target purpose and permitted use of the land, where work is underway, etc. Subsequently, as a rule, there are difficulties with registration of title documents

Problems of private medical organizations involved in the implementation of the program of obligatory medical insurance (OMS)

Federal law of 29.11.2010 № 326 – FZ "On mandatory medical insurance in the Russian Federation" (further – FZ "On compulsory medical insurance") establishes the provisions under which medical assistance program the OMS is carried out by included in the relevant register as the state and municipal health care institutions, and commercial healthcare companies. Thus, at first glance, the state

Features offset

In the process of conducting financial and economic activities of participants of civil relations is often used for termination of the mutual obligations set-off. The reason is that it allows you to settle with a party whole or in part without spending in circulation of cash and for it is enough will of one party. In order to use the credit, you must have simultaneously the following conditions: each side

Selling drugs trading companies

In the state Duma received the draft law "On amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation in implementing the sales organizations of drugs". The essence of this document is to provide the right companies engaged in retail trade in food products, to carry out retail sale of medicinal products issued without a prescription, storage, transportation and vacation. It is expected that this

Order of priority in the pledge

The Deposit is considered to be one of the most reliable ways to ensure the fulfillment by the debtor of the principal obligation, since it gives the creditor a preferential right, as the mortgagee over other creditors to receive satisfaction at the expense of the collateral. Some individuals believe that the availability of collateral is a 100 percent guarantee of protection of interests of the creditor. However, this statement may not agree, in particular because of the fastening in the civil legislation of the Russian Federation