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Delay payment of the goods

Material breach of contract constitutes one of the grounds for its termination at the request of one of the parties in court. In order for the failure or improper performance of obligation was found to be significant, it must possess in the aggregate the following characteristics: 1) the consequence of such action (or inaction) is the occurrence of damage to the other party; 2) the other party is deprived in a significant

Features offset

In the process of conducting financial and economic activities of participants of civil relations is often used for termination of the mutual obligations set-off. The reason is that it allows you to settle with a party whole or in part without spending in circulation of cash and for it is enough will of one party. In order to use the credit, you must have simultaneously the following conditions: each side

Order of priority in the pledge

The Deposit is considered to be one of the most reliable ways to ensure the fulfillment by the debtor of the principal obligation, since it gives the creditor a preferential right, as the mortgagee over other creditors to receive satisfaction at the expense of the collateral. Some individuals believe that the availability of collateral is a 100 percent guarantee of protection of interests of the creditor. However, this statement may not agree, in particular because of the fastening in the civil legislation of the Russian Federation

The legal validity of the settlement agreement

There is nobody not a secret that one of the methods of conciliation and termination of legal relationship of a settlement agreement. The settlement agreement is based on the principles of mutual concessions of the parties and voluntary consent of each party. To oblige to conclude an amicable agreement impossible. The court may approve only such settlement agreement that is not contrary to applicable at the time of conclusion of the substantive law

Unilateral refusal of the contract of rendering of services

The service contract is perhaps the most common civil contract. It is valued for the versatility of the subject, under the regulation which may be suitable most committed by legal action, as well as for the flexibility of language, including the condition of unwarranted unilateral refusal to perform the Contract. Costs of such termination are formulated by the legislator is quite clear: if the initiator of the termination is the customer

When a new exception to EGRUL

The government is once again trying to "tighten the screws" against "unfair" of participants of civil turnover reporting at the state registration of invalid information or in a timely manner didn't change it. In order from 01 September 2017 shall be enforced "mechanism" removing the legal entity from the register when there are entries about the unreliability of information about it. The government once again is trying to "tighten the screws"

Changes in pre-court dispute resolution in 2017

July 12, 2017 entered into force the Federal law from 01.07.2017 year № 147 – FZ "On amendments to article 1252 1486 and part of the fourth Civil code of the Russian Federation and articles 4 and 99 of the Arbitration procedural code of the Russian Federation". This law amended the APC RF relating to the procedure of pre-trial settlement of the dispute. Earlier pre-trial

Step-by-step guide to creating LLC

Procedure create an LLC at first glance it seems quite simple. But, lacking knowledge of certain details of this process, you may encounter certain difficulties, including the refusal of the tax authority in the state registration of the company. So in this article we will try to cover some of the nuances that contribute to the successful creation of an LLC. Any society must have full company name in Russian