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The guest is not always right

Perhaps we are not mistaken if we say that every institution of public catering (bars, cafes, restaurants, etc.) are repeatedly faced with problems of insolvency or lack of willingness of the client to pay the bill and attempts to "unwanted" visitors "to storm" the room or to disturb the pleasant activity of others. So in such situations one should act employees (the representatives) named places and directly

Restaurant business and intellectual property

Currently, almost every cafe, bar, restaurant, or other similar public institutions can be seen TV where to the General public, including visitors, is transferred to stream any sports events or a specific TV channel, etc., as well as hear the performance live, or soundtrack favourite Schlager, or the hit music charts. However, not

The legal niceties of restaurant business in Russia

The activities of the restaurant, however, as all activities of the food industry, contains many pitfalls, a clash that is fraught with significant costs for the entrepreneur in the form of fines, claims, etc. before starting a business you must be ready to cooperate with regulatory authorities. So before opening any food service establishments would need to notify the CPS about the beginning of your activities.