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The guest is not always right

Perhaps we are not mistaken if we say that every institution of public catering (bars, cafes, restaurants, etc.) are repeatedly faced with problems of insolvency or lack of willingness of the client to pay the bill and attempts to "unwanted" visitors "to storm" the room or to disturb the pleasant activity of others. So in such situations one should act employees (the representatives) named places and directly

Restaurant business and intellectual property

Currently, almost every cafe, bar, restaurant, or other similar public institutions can be seen TV where to the General public, including visitors, is transferred to stream any sports events or a specific TV channel, etc., as well as hear the performance live, or soundtrack favourite Schlager, or the hit music charts. However, not

The legal validity of the settlement agreement

There is nobody not a secret that one of the methods of conciliation and termination of legal relationship of a settlement agreement. The settlement agreement is based on the principles of mutual concessions of the parties and voluntary consent of each party. To oblige to conclude an amicable agreement impossible. The court may approve only such settlement agreement that is not contrary to applicable at the time of conclusion of the substantive law

Providing information to auditors

The other day the newspaper "Kommersant" published an article "Auditors shielded from information", which was widely "publicized" in the professional community. Our company could not ignore such a "dissonant question", decided to conduct a rapid analysis of the situation and to determine if financial institutions have the opportunity not to provide auditors with documents relating to counter "money laundering activities and the financing of terrorism". So, in this

Unilateral refusal of the contract of rendering of services

The service contract is perhaps the most common civil contract. It is valued for the versatility of the subject, under the regulation which may be suitable most committed by legal action, as well as for the flexibility of language, including the condition of unwarranted unilateral refusal to perform the Contract. Costs of such termination are formulated by the legislator is quite clear: if the initiator of the termination is the customer

The nuances in the sale of shares in the company

Any transaction for the sale of parts to whole, as a rule, begins with the observance of the procedure for the implementation by the other owners of the whole of the pre-emptive right to acquire alienated part. Is no exception and sale / purchase of share in the Charter capital of a limited liability company (the "company", "LLC"). So, where do you start, if the LLC member decided to sell

Is it possible to purchase the building of the municipal bus station in private property

Answering the question: is it Possible to purchase the building, which is a municipal property and owned by the right of economic management of local passenger motor transportation enterprise, without bidding (auction), it is necessary to refer to article 217 of the Civil code of the Russian Federation. It says that the property in municipal ownership can be sold by its owner to the ownership of citizens and legal persons in the manner

The account lock on

Often companies face the problem when the tax Inspectorate has suspended operations on the account. Take a closer look at what appears to "lock" the account and in which cases is this possible? We should note that the tax Inspectorate has the right to make a decision on suspension of account transactions only with respect to debit transactions. Conducting debit transactions of a taxpaying organisation shall be terminated