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Independent (pre-trial) debt recovery

Currently, the issue of debt collection takes up half of the total activities of the security services. At least for this type of activity is very easy to grade the health of their security. Criteria − returned to the budget of the enterprise money. Unfortunately, the present condition of legislation allows unscrupulous debtors − legal entities to easily evade responsibility and even "reset the counter"

Innovations in the arbitration process in 2016

Very little time remains before the entry into force of the amendments made to the Arbitration procedural code of the Russian Federation the Federal law from 02.03.2016, No. 47-FZ. From June 2016 there should be a mandatory claim procedure for settling disputes. In addition, the above Federal law provides for other innovations, which will be discussed in this article – they all relate, primarily, procedure, procedures

Unjustified tax benefit and VAT

Currently there is an extensive jurisprudence on the subject of tax benefits, the dishonesty of contractors and the taxpayers and the lack of due diligence when the choice of suppliers. This situation is due to the fact that the legislation of the Russian Federation, including the Tax code, up to the present time, there are no definitions of such concepts as "unjustified tax benefit" and "bad faith". Therefore, the study of the question of bad faith

Newly discovered circumstances

In judicial practice there are often situation when, after the end of the trial, the parties (plaintiff/defendant or other person) identify the circumstances that was not known to them at the time of consideration of an already ended court cases, but whether they are previously known, could substantially influence the outcome of cases. In these circumstances, the arbitration law guarantees that the relevant interested person protection

"Game theory" in jurisprudence

"True knowledge consists not in an acquaintance with facts, that make a man a pedant, and to use facts, which makes him a philosopher." Henry Thomas Buckle (1821-1962). Each of us in his life asked the question: "what would have happened if I would have done differently? If I didn't do something or, conversely, did it? If....if...if....". We

Passport control

Question: they say that there is a law prohibiting dual citizenship. Are there any exceptions and when they are possible? What do I do if I have dual citizenship for several years? Where you have to submit a statement renouncing Armenian citizenship, the FMS or the Embassy of Armenia? Response: As noted previously, the so-called law "on dual citizenship"


The development of industrial territories in 2016 – what to expect from the authorities? In the search for new economic ideas for the development of the Russian economy against a difficult external economic realities, the possibility of using only internal resources, budget constraints on the development of infrastructure projects, the government has proposed a new tool for the development of the construction sector through the introduction of a new approach to the development of the former territories