Familiarity with the Spanish Consul

Aug. 24, 2017, 9:13 a.m.

Today was a very interesting and emotional meeting with the Spanish Consul in Moscow.

The meeting was not the most rainbow - discussed new project (good) assistance to the Spanish older women with dual Russian citizenship, relatives which in the pursuit of legacy is still living an old woman various sneaky methods of trying to survive old Spaniard to the light and take possession of her dear Moscow in square meters (bad, very bad).

The old woman was lucky - we were approached at a time when the situation was finally launched, that does not preclude hard, but interesting work.

First, install the prohibition of registration in the Federal registration service, at the same time put out a Bolo issued earlier to the treacherous cousins of attorney and their subsequent revocation. Will return the situation to the neutral position, and then the client will decide what he should do with his property.
But in a dramatic situation: this older Spanish lady is a "child of war" (in 1937-1938 from Spain was evacuated more than 34 thousand children from the families of the Republicans to rescue from the hostilities, of whom more than 3 thousand arrived in the USSR). So, Spain was supporting such of their citizens around the world, paying aid and providing legal assistance. It is sad that these people were so much trouble, several wars, and now in his old age they have to deal with those in fact, they should help and care in old age... Things...