ATS from Yandex

Aug. 4, 2017, 8:59 a.m.

Good morning everyone!

Pretty cool news.

Our company was originally set up to keep up with the progress, so we initially refused "irons" in telephony.

Use the long one of the most common services that a virtual PBX.

It has a number of advantages for the user:

  • no need to buy fairly expensive equipment
  • no need to upgrade equipment
  • do not need to maintain equipment
  • all the new chips and capabilities, which are added each year the machine added to the virtual PBX, and who glands - you need to buy a new one for the desired function
  • replaces Fax
  • flexible configuration of call forwarding when the employee is ill, in court and so on (all automatically)
  • can be a long list
  • cheapest service in the 800 rubles a month, along with multichannel number

But today I saw that steep Yandex made its virtual PBX.

We are certainly due to this partner will not change, but those who starts a business or begins to realize that the glands should be thrown out is the best choice as Yandex in Russia, probably the most progressive.

All in all!