Violation of the Article 33 FL-44 (Federal Law on Public Procurement) in terms of the use of a trademark rather than a designation similar to the degree of confusion

Client: Rumed is a large medical holding company with extensive branch network in more than 30 cities of the Russian Federation

Problem: the Company planned to participate in the procurement for the supply of consumables, however, are faced with a hard (impossible) conditions of auction documentation

Our work in the project:
This court case our lawyers caught in the court of first instance.

Our lawyers have developed a Strategy through which we were able to convince the court to limit competition by specifying the designations similar to the point of confusion with the trademark.

The complexity of the case consisted in the fact that no one has recognized the violation of article 33 of the Federal law 44 (FZ on public procurement) of the use is not a trademark and designations similar to the point of confusion.

Our lawyers not only in the Kirov region, but throughout Russia established together with the court law-enforcement practice in similar cases.

The case is in court: A28-3341/2017

The result:

Customer requirements were fully satisfied.