Dispute with the state customer in refusing to accept work

Client: Chip - elegant Agency business solutions, which regularly takes government contracts.

Problem: was awarded a government contract, consisting of 5 stages. The client has completed stage 1 on time and sent its results to the government customer, who illegally refused to accept them and demanded cancellation of the government contract with refund and payment of fines and penalties.

Our work in the project:
After analyzing the Customer's documents, our specialists have developed a claim and statement of claim in court. In the end, managed to achieve the recovery of the payment for the first stage of the work and to recover the cost of all 5 stages as loss of profits.

The case is in court: A40-242717/2015

The result:

The court ordered the amount of the contract despite the implementation only the first stage. The client received the entire amount of money through the Treasury after 2 months.