Collected accounts receivable in another region without costs on the part of the client

Client: the Nefrosovet is a large medical holding company with extensive branch network in more than 20 cities of Russia.

Problem: the Client had some accounts receivable (412 thousand rubles), which was necessary to collect in another region. Given the size of the debt, the Client did not want to incur additional costs to obtain it, but we always prove our own practice, that the money spent is returned through the defendant.

Our work in the project:
Taking into account summary proceedings (consideration without challenge of the parties), that is, without trips to court, we managed to compel the defendant to pay before the issuance of the judicial act and to prove by its unique methodology in the Kirov region that the defendant must recover 50 000 rubles of legal expenses (100% refund if the amount of recovery 412 970 rubles).

The case is in court: A28-10298/2017

The result:

The client within one month recovered receivables and fully covered legal costs (stamp duty and costs).