Engaged in development, taxation, bankruptcy and legal proceedings for more than 10 years.

While being a practitioner, he defended the interests of international and Russian holdings, which occupy the dominant position in the country in medical, IT, agro-industrial, energy and other fields.

Repeatedly won tax evasion cases on transactions with "one-day firms", helped developers when filing claims for the unauthorized buildings demolition, accompanied the bankruptcy procedure at any stage.

Regularly participates in scientific and business conferences and forums on the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad. He is the author of numerous articles and publications.

Engaged in new services development, raises qualification and service level in the company.

Favorite quote (belongs to Mercedes-Benz company) is "the best or nothing".

Favorite and unique technology is Apple.

Favorite musical instrument is guitar.

12 years’ experience in legal practice. Started own legal career while being legal adviser at a defense enterprise. Deepened legal knowledge as a senior lawyer in a law firm in the alcohol industry. Consolidated own legal experience and acquired managerial experience as a partner in a large domestic consulting company.

Has got wide practical experience in various legal fields, specializes in mediation issues, real estate and rights for it disputes, corporate ones.

Has high responsibility level and applies non-standard approach to each case. Legal issues coordination in major investment projects, including the international sea port construction. Successful judicial resolution of complex litigation in the construction field for both a customer and a contractor. Participated in bankruptcy procedures in any combination.

Is the author of scientific articles and publications in periodicals. Besides he is involved as an expert on media legal issues.

Favorite quote (of Dmitry Buznik, my partner) s "Don’t spend less, but earn more".

Favorite and the only technique (by Dmitry Buznik’s advice) is Apple.

Favorite musical instrument - "I can’t play anything".