Directions and services

Intellectual property

  • Maintenance of transactions on alienation and granting of rights to intellectual property objects
  • Analysis of rights to objects of intellectual property
  • License agreements development
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Tax disputes

  • Pre-judicial appeal of acts and decisions of tax authorities
  • Appealing decisions of tax authorities in courts of all instances
  • Initiation and maintenance of parallel arbitration disputes
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Corporate practice

  • Business restructuring’s corporate scheme development
  • New corporate structure creation, corporate governance system optimization
  • Maintenance of assets and liabilities transfer of the company to a new structure
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Real estate and land

  • Minimizing the risks of parties to a real estate transaction
  • Property rights protection
  • Maintenance of court disputes on demolition of real estate
  • more services


  • Collection of accounts receivable with application of bankruptcy procedures
  • Restructuring of business using bankruptcy and liquidation procedures
  • more services

Hotel and restaurant consulting

  • Comprehensive legal support for entering the Russian market
  • Representation of the client's interests in relations with the state bodies of the Russian Federation in the process of inspections, assistance in matters of certification and licensing
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Medical consulting

  • Interaction with regulatory bodies
  • Legal support of clinics
  • Challenging volumes according to the Health insurance program
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Subscriber support

  • Oral and written advice on the current legislation application issues
  • Expert opinions preparation on the legal issues
  • more services

Information technology and electronics (IT-consulting)

  • Comprehensive legal advice on entering the Russian market
  • Legal support for research and development in the field of IT and electronics in Russia and CIS countries
  • more services

Energy and industry

  • Legal support for the construction of power facilities
  • Risk management, tax planning and insurance in support of energy sector projects
  • Energy projects financing in the public-private partnership field
  • more services