Bankruptcy is the only legal method of liquidation of the legal entity or individual entrepreneur of debt.

It is an effective and perfectly legitimate measure, which is intended to release the debtor from the obligations which he is unable to run due to lack of funds.

Despite its apparent complexity, it is quite rational and safe, but of course, legally correct approach.

The involvement of professionals will help You avoid legal problems and not only the maximum will accelerate the recognition of the bankrupt, but also eliminates possible negative consequences.

Legal company Sparta Consulting has extensive experience of advising on bankruptcy, as the debtor and the creditor.

Common situations faced by entrepreneurs

  • the Your income has fallen and you are unable to repay debts and loans. Your property is secured by the Bank.
  • collectors are harassing you.
  • you have been charged with heavy fines and penalties for late payment of debt obligations.
  • you were sued, arrested
  • your business is "burned".

If you are in one of these situations and your company is not able to independently pay off the debt, Sparta Consulting lawyers with 10 years of experience are ready come to the rescue.

What we do

  • Collection of accounts receivable with application of bankruptcy procedures
  • Restructuring of business using bankruptcy and liquidation procedures
  • Protection against the aggressive actions of the creditor in bankruptcy
  • Protection of the interests of the counterparty of a bankrupt company in disputes over the recognition of transactions concluded between them as invalid
  • Accompanying turnkey bankruptcy
  • Strategic planning of bankruptcy procedure
  • Challenging decisions of meetings of creditors, the creditors' committee

Bankruptcy is the only legal way to liquidate the enterprise with debts. Timely bankruptcy by the debtor is low risk. Since the initiation of the bankruptcy procedure collectors, banks and other creditors may not bother you. Remember that the rejection of bankruptcy procedure may result in criminal and vicarious liability.

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We support the bankruptcy procedure at all stages

  1. Consultation and analysis
    First, our lawyers will analyze possible risks for your business as a result bankruptcy and develop a secure scheme of its maintenances. Every situation is unique, we we will offer the best solution for your needs case's.
  2. Preparation and collection of documents
    Draw up a bankruptcy application, send requests the lenders to provide necessary document.
  3. Maintenance
    We represent you in court and in meetings creditors, negotiate with the arbitration managings. Accompany the entire procedure up to the repayment of debts.

As a result of our work you perfectly legal to repay all your obligations to creditors.


Protected the former head of the company from liability under security contracts worth 2 billion rubles

The problem: as a result of the bankruptcy of the legal entity, the owner of the building of the TRC and the land plot under it - LLC "Firm Sib", the unscrupulous majority creditor of the company made an attempt to attract the former head of the company to liability under security contracts worth 2 billion rubles.

Bankruptcy is a long, complicated litigation, which also involves a number of activities out of court. Ineffective to assign the process to the state attorney of the company. Only a competent lawyer for the bankruptcy of legal entities will be able effectively to provide business solution with the desired client outcome, with minimal financial and time expenses.