Due dilligence

"Legal Due Diligence" or "Legal audit" is a series of procedures to identify compliance or non-economic activities of the organization over a period of norms of the legislation valid in the period under review.

Legal Due Diligence is relevant for:

  • investors;
  • businessmen;
  • companies active in mergers and acquisitions.

Before you acquire new business, the entrepreneur raises a number of problems. For profit in the future, you must first assess the risks and cost, weighing all the "pros" and "cons".

In the context of our specialists check we provide:

  • analysis of the corporate structure, incorporation and legal documents;
  • check the rights on shares of the company, on movable and immovable property, intangible assets;
  • analysis of labor relations of the company, verification of civil contracts and other documents regulating labor relations in the company;
  • the verification officers for the criminal prosecution/criminal record;
  • a comprehensive review of compliance of company operations with applicable legislation;
  • verification of financial, accounting, tax reporting;
  • analysis of trials of the company at any stage of the proceedings.

We have a really professional approach, since we have been engaged in providing such services and have gained significant experience in performing such audits.

Specialists , Sparta Consulting will help to conduct legal Due Diligence and be clear about the business structure, assets, possible debts.

If you are going to invest in a business or to purchase it, make sure the seller told the real situation.

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We will conduct a thorough analysis, which will determine the financial and tax issues, estimate the real difficulties you have to face.