Development of the legal structure of the acquisition / sale of business

Structuring transactions for the purchase/sale of liquid assets is a complex service, which usually consists of several separate services United by a common goal — the acquisition/sale of the asset on the most favorable terms for the client.

The development of the transaction structure for the purchase of business services demanded by the entrepreneurs. This is not surprising, because quite often there is a need in the conclusion of a series of linked or just complex transactions.

The need for structuring occurs in the execution of complex transactions or series of related transactions: transactions in M&A, acquisition/sale of shares in the business, syndication, project financing, debt restructuring, business reorganization.

In this case, the transaction is impossible without the development and approval of a scenario for its implementation and preliminary analysis of all risks.

Often in the process of structuring is needed independent expertise of lawyers, auditors, financiers for competent management of all risks involved.

Participating in the process of structuring the transaction, Sparta Consulting performs a range of procedures in the interests of the client:

  • carry out calculations and simulate scenarios of the effects of the transaction;
  • analyzes the risks associated with various embodiments of the transaction;
  • on the basis of the information received develops the scheme of the transaction, indicating all participants in the process and emerging relationships between them;
  • develops schema-based transactions detailed schedule of events and coordinate it with all parties;
  • prepare documents for transactions (agreement of intent, contract of purchase and sale of shares/assets shareholders agreement, the escrow contract (contract conditional Deposit) the security agreements, including pledge agreement, guaranty agreement, etc.)
  • manages the project;
  • arranges for obtaining approvals / approvals from state authorities for the transaction (for the purpose of compliance with Antimonopoly legislation and legislation on strategic investments);
  • assisting in closing deals;- providing legal support in the performance of obligations after the closing of the transactions.

Achieving the maximum financial result with minimal costs and risks – these are the goals that can be achieved in cooperation with a competent lawyer.

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Develop a legal structure of the transaction is the only opportunity, safely, and transparently carry out the procedure of purchase/sale of business.