Corporate practice

Corporate practice - this area of legal work, our main goal is to ensure the operation of the legal entity (group of persons) and protection of the rights of participating individuals using legitimate legal mechanisms.

An important feature of corporate practice are issues related to the proper organization of structures within one legal entity and within groups.

"Think about the end of the case, about to happily go out and not that nice to enter." (Witelo)

Services in corporate practices:

  • Business restructuring’s corporate scheme development
  • New corporate structure creation, corporate governance system optimization
  • Maintenance of assets and liabilities transfer of the company to a new structure
  • Corporate governance system development and optimization
  • Legal support in any financial or credit transactions
  • Development of the legal structure of the loan transaction
  • Transaction conducting and closing procedure maintenance

Lawyers Sparta Consulting have extensive experience advising on corporate law issues, including on the practice of mergers and acquisitions, as well as ready to perform the most extraordinary and unusual problems.

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If a business involves several partners, will inevitably encounter difficulties, misunderstandings, and conflicts. To allow them to maintain human relationships with partners, engage us!