Energy and industry

Legal services in the field of transportation and development of energy resources. We guarantee the experience and competence of lawyers. We specialize in legal services in the field of energy and industry.

Contractual relations in the energy sector are formed between consumers and suppliers of resources. It is not uncommon for public authorities to be the third party to a dispute. The legislation provides for regulation of pricing and tariffs. In order to comply with all requirements and at the same time to work profitably, it is necessary to work out all the risks and introduce an optimal tax scheme.

Comprehensive legal support for a team of lawyers, economists and experts:

  • Legal support for the construction of power facilities
  • Risk management, tax planning and insurance in support of energy sector projects
  • Energy projects financing in the public-private partnership field
  • Legal services in the corporate finance field
  • Consulting on compliance with regulatory requirements and licensing conditions
  • Consulting on production and distribution of refined products
  • Preparation of agreements on the distribution of products, licensing and distribution agreements, contracts for the provision of services by contractors
  • Maintenance of mergers and acquisitions and joint ventures in the energy sector
  • Representation of clients' interests in relations with state bodies of the Russian Federation
  • Comprehensive protection provision in litigation

Energy and industry are spheres where interests of different people and the state traditionally intersect. Any documents in this area should be issued by a team of lawyers, economists and engineers to protect their business from attacks by competitors and government agencies.

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All contracts, agreements, acts in the field of energy must be checked by experienced lawyers. The risk in this area is too great to use template contracts.