Information technology and electronics (IT-consulting)

The sphere of information technologies, software development and electronics today the most dynamically developing, connected with new developments, creation of intellectual property. In any medium to large it projects intersect with the interests and rights of many parties:

  • project owner,
  • author of idea,
  • developers,
  • decorators,
  • managers.

Due to weak template contracts, owners of promising businesses lose exclusive rights to their product.

We work in a complex with IT business:

  • Comprehensive legal advice on entering the Russian market
  • Legal support for research and development in the field of IT and electronics in Russia and CIS countries
  • Consulting on production and distribution of software
  • Advising on compliance with regulatory requirements and licensing conditions, legal verification of the client's IP assets, legal support and protection of rights holders
  • Risk management, tax planning and insurance in support of projects in the field of information technology
  • Preparation of agreements on the distribution of products, licensing and distribution agreements, contracts for the provision of services by contractors
  • Project finance in the field of information technology and electronics
  • Support of mergers and acquisitions and joint ventures in IT and electronics
  • Consultation on the personal data and confidential information protection
  • Clients' interests representation in relations with government bodies of the Russian Federation
  • Client's interests representation in relations with consumers
  • Comprehensive protection provision in litigation

When your idea takes shape and the prospect of a profitable business appears, there are sure to be partners or contractors who will declare their intellectual property rights to develop.

If you need advice on legal support of it business, please contact us.

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If you plan to earn by selling an intellectual property product, you'll have to start by protecting that property.

At the very beginning, spend a little time and money on consulting experienced lawyers to know how to work with programmers, partners, investors and other project participants, so as not to lose your idea.