Medical consulting

We provide comprehensive support to medical institutions, manufacturers of medical equipment and medicines.

Our client:

  • medical center,
  • clinics,
  • dental office,
  • pharmacy chain,
  • manufacturers of medical equipment.

Experience in the field of medicine is the most important thing that we can offer you. Medicine is not an area where we can hope for a beginning lawyer!

We will help to issue all necessary permits and take on the daily routine work:

  • Interaction with regulatory bodies
  • Legal support of clinics
  • Challenging volumes according to the Health insurance program
  • Challenging failures in the licensing of medical profile/profiles
  • Disputes settlement of conflict situations with patients
  • Representation in courts
  • Development of investment agreements within the framework of the State-Private Partnership

Business in the field of medicine is always a business with a high risk factor. When it comes to health and life, you have no chance of hoping for court loyalty.

Protect your business in advance to avoid losses from any unforeseen situations.

If your business is related to the provision of medical services, please contact us, we will conduct a legal audit and indicate the weaknesses that may cost you business.

If you don't want to wait, just call us on phone:
+ 7 (495) 181-20-15

Medical institutions are always given special attention and very high requirements. Various checks by controlling organizations never end. We take care of all interaction with the regulatory authorities.