Real estate and land

Years of experience Sparta Consultingthat accompany this practice, allows us to understand the legal aspects of the real estate market and principles of governing bodies and, in some cases, to shape judicial practice.

Based on years of experience Sparta Consulting uses a unique technology legal support of business in the sphere of land relations, real estate and construction, allowing to solve the tasks and to attain the desired objective.

The core activity of the company is knowledge of current legislation and practice in order to successful business.

It is this experience and knowledge of Russian legal realities enables us to provide legal assistance at the highest professional level.

"To acquire land, look primarily to water, road, neighbor". (Pliny The Elder)

Services in the field of real estate and land:

  • Minimizing the risks of parties to a real estate transaction
  • Property rights protection
  • Maintenance of court disputes on demolition of real estate
  • Reduction of the cadastral value of the object in court
  • Sales transactions support
  • Investment and public–private partnership projects with land funds
  • Leasehold building ownership registration

Disputes related to property & land - one of the most common and unpredictable. They can intersect the interests of many individuals, including the participation of public organizations. To resolve this without need of judicial practice is impossible!

If you need to protect your rights to the land or real estate, write to the point and we show a similar case from our practice.

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In disputes with real estate and land at stake is always a lot. This is not the case when you need to try to solve the problem yourself.