Subscriber support

We work with all types of business. Opened, reorganized and closed the company. Draft contracts, documents for public authorities, licenses and permits. Make claims, represent the company in court. Resolve any legal issues.


  • Oral and written advice on the current legislation application issues
  • Expert opinions preparation on the legal issues
  • Development and legal expertise of various types of contracts: provision of services, delivery, lease, purchase and sale, agency service, commission, commission, loans, etc.
  • Labor relations legal support
  • Participation in negotiations with the Client
  • Preparation of claims, claims and other procedural documents: applications, complaints, petitions, etc.
  • Legal support of business transactions
  • Office work organization
  • Representation of the Client's interests in state bodies
  • Organization and holding of general meetings of shareholders (participants)
  • Preparation of changes to the constituent documents
  • Regular information support of the client's activity (normative materials, reference information)

Usually after a single treatment to us and deal with the situation, our customers optimize their financial costs and choose the option of a subscription service, in which we are always ready to offer personalized range of services that they need. Sets of services may vary according to the customer and its business.

If you require legal support of business, please fill out the form and soon you will be contacted by a lawyer.

If you don't want to wait, just call us on phone:
+ 7 (495) 181-20-15

Tariffs for the subscription service

We always offer our customers customized conditions because different services, different volume of services are important for everyone on monthly basis. Below are sample rates so you can to be guided in our price policy. tariffs for large businesses are always selected individually. to get a customized proposal for your business, please contact us.

50 000 Rub/month
Small business
90 000 Rub/month
Medium business
320 000 Rub/month
Legal advice
Consultations in oral formNot more than 1 hourNot more than 5 hourWithout restrictions
Informing about the latest changes legislationsWithout restrictionsWithout restrictionsWithout restrictions
Working with contracts
Development of contracts (lease, sale, contract, rendering of services, delivery of the author's order, license contracts, etc.)Up to 2 per monthUp to 6 per monthWithout restrictions
Verification of contracts, agreements, protocols of disagreements and other documentsUp to 2 per monthUp to 6 per monthWithout restrictions
Management of correspondence and handling complaints
Preparation of applications, letters, appeals, requests, complaints, applications, other correspondenceUp to 2 per monthUp to 6 per monthWithout restrictions
Preparation of pre-trial claimsUp to 2 per monthUp to 6 per monthWithout restrictions
Tender support
Составление заявокNot more than 1 per monthUp to 3 per monthWithout restrictions
Appeal against non-admission to the tender to FASNot more than 1 per monthUp to 3 per monthWithout restrictions