Tax disputes

Help to solve any problems with tax authorities and to optimise taxation.

Sparta Consulting lawyers have vast legal practice, accumulated over years of successful work in this area, and will help you to resolve any issue, one way or another associated with tax laws.

We help with tax audits

Pre-judicial appeal of acts and decisions of tax authorities

The sooner we start to solve the tax problem, the greater the chance of a successful result! As soon as you learn about the claims of the tax authority, you need to urgently develop a strategy, formulate your position, prepare the necessary documents and start a pre-trial settlement and appeal.

Appealing decisions of tax authorities in courts of all instances

If the pre-trial appeal procedure has not produced results, it is necessary to prepare carefully for the trials. We will prepare a full package of documents that will convince the court of the correctness of your legal position.

Initiation and maintenance of parallel arbitration disputes

If it is possible to neutralize losses from tax claims, due to claims against contractors related to these tax violations, we will initiate parallel arbitration disputes. We prepare the necessary supporting documents, conduct the procedure of pre-trial settlement and go to court.

Tax audits support

Take care of all interaction with the tax authorities. We advise your employees if necessary. We prepare all the documents necessary to confirm the legality of all transactions and processes in the company.

Analysis of the legality of the documentary claim by the tax authority

Often, the tax authorities carry out inspections and demand documents illegally. They take advantage of the fact that most businessmen are not sufficiently aware of the procedure of withdrawal of documents and do not know that many documents can not be sent for inspection. We will analyze the legality of claims and help prepare a reasoned refusal.

Preparation of responses to the requirements for the submission of documents (information)

We will help you to prepare a response to the tax inquiry. We will collect, analyze and properly execute the necessary documents, make the right comments, formulating your legal position. If the claims are illegal, prepare a reasoned refusal.

Maintenance during interrogation with the tax authority

We accompany the client's employees at all interrogations and "conversations". Pre-hold a consultation, explain what questions will be asked, how to respond. We will prepare the necessary documents to confirm your legal position.

Additional charges and fines threaten not only those who use "black schemes": the object of inspection may be any organization. The tax authorities, using the ever-changing legislation, any doubt is interpreted in their favor and will try to prescribe maximum penalties and assessed a hidden tax. In severe cases, the head and the chief accountant facing criminal liability. If you don't want to get into such a situation, it is important to perform tax risk, to develop an optimal scheme of taxation and to protect themselves from unexpected penalties and tax charges.

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Came to you from a tax audit, arrested the account, was summoned to the tax inspection? Want to lower tax burden from your company, but are you afraid of claims of FNS? our specialists will be able to offer solutions to any problem.