Tender support

Sparta Consulting experts have vast experience of organization and holding of tenders and auctions initiated by customers, and experience in the preparation and drafting of applications from candidates for participation in such tenders.

We are ready to represent Your company in the market for government and commercial trading to the extent necessary to achieve the maximum effect all You are interested in auctions and tenders.

Integrated support for participation in the auction implies full range of services from accreditation on a trading platform and apply to participate in the auction to legal advice under the conditions of the contract and appeal of results of auction.

"That's the way you collect, organize, and use information, determines whether you win or lose." (Bill Gates)

Services under the tender support:

The party conducting the tender is often the state or a public Agency. If you refuse to pay and take the work state customer, immediately contact the experienced lawyers! Very difficult to resist the statein such matters.

If you have difficulties with the participation in the tender or problems with receipt of payment on the tender, we can help!

If you don't want to wait, just call us on phone:
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Conduct and participate in the tender is not such a simple matter. Many times we've encountered cases where inaccuracies in the preparation of documents for tender cost the winner of all profits in the future. If you don't like the risk, designed the tender with the help of experienced lawyers and consultants.