Analysis of the terms of the procurement documentation and their appeal to the FAS Russia or the court

Auction/tender documents – a package of documents containing comprehensive information on the subject and conditions of the organization of procurement.

This documentation reflects all General and special issues relating to the goods (works, services), requirements for the supplier (contractor), the bidding rules, and winner selection.

In order for the party placing the order is able to fully participate in tender procedures with a positive outcome, experts recommend to carry out a number of preparatory procedures. One such measure is the analysis of tender documentation of the customer. Before preparing the applications for participation in the auction or tender, you should carefully review the auction or tender documentation.

Often customers, providing its own documentation, after the auction is forced to prepare denials on appeal dissatisfied with the suppliers, deal with regulatory authorities, access to lawyers to protect their interests and rights.

That is to exclude prospective disputable situations not only with financial but also with time spent recommends the services of experts in the tender documents. Experienced specialists , Sparta Consulting will comprehensively examine You have prepared the documents and will conduct a comprehensive examination regarding their compliance with legislation, internal regulations of the customer.

Usually the tender documentation includes the following documents:

  • information map;
  • calculation substantiation of the initial (maximum) contract price;
  • the draft contract;
  • technical specifications;

In addition to a thorough study of the aforementioned documents and checking their compliance with current law law company Sparta Consulting will give you a job, which will includes the following stages:

  • the study protocols of the customer over the past year that deviate wishing to participate in the auctions;
  • studies of FAS in the region – what are the decision on the customer and on the subject of the auction;
  • the study of the Standards referenced in the documentation;
  • the selection of reliable materials, reliable manufacturers with test database to the database of trademarks;
  • careful study of technical specifications with all the requirements of the current legislation to compile a complete list of works in order to maximize efficient performance of the contract.

In preparing the application there are many nuances and often these nuances are crucial on stage. We take into account all the latest edition of the legislation. Entrusting us with the analysis of documents and subsequent preparation of applications for participation, you minimize your risks and time resources.

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To exclude controversial situations not only with financial but also with time, we need experts in the tender documents. We are preparing to tender for every day and know all those nuances!