Intellectual property

Legal company Sparta Consulting offers services on legal support of intellectual property. Starting from their registration with the appropriate authorities, and further on each stage of the use and protection of intellectual property we are ready to provide professional legal advice.

We help our clients to develop the most optimal options for the transfer and use of rights to objects of intellectual property, provide comprehensive legal support during the registration, transmission, use and protection of rights to objects of intellectual property, including trademarks, inventions, copyrights, domain names, etc.

Examples of intellectual property

  • trademark
  • work of art
  • the invention
  • secret of production (know-how)
  • software
  • images and videos
  • industrial design
  • company name

Common problems in the field of intellectual property

  • Illegally using your brand, logo or trademark.
  • Refuse to register a trademark or patent.
  • You need the rights to the result of your intellectual activity employees, but you do not have a competent contract.
  • You do not have a clear understanding of what intellectual assets your company owns and how to protect them.
  • You will have a trial on intellectual property properties.
  • Assign the results of your work, illegally publish content.

If you are in one of these or a similar situation, Sparta Consulting lawyers with 10 years of experience in the field of intellectual property the property is ready to help.


  • Maintenance of transactions on alienation and granting of rights to intellectual property objects
  • Analysis of rights to objects of intellectual property
  • License agreements development
  • Development of Agreements on the alienation of exclusive rights
  • Development (compilation) of franchising and distribution agreements
  • Patent disputes
  • Disputes over the creation and use of intellectual property objects

Feature intellectual property that it has in addition to the real and potential value — the possibility to profit after bring your vision to life. Therefore, if an organization wants to profit, she needs to protect its intellectual property.

If you require assistance in the sphere of intellectual property protection, please fill out the form and soon you will be contacted by a lawyer.

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The stages of work on the protection of intellectual property

  1. Consultation
    An experienced lawyer will consult you on security matters intellectual property.
  2. Audit
    We study and analyze documents, contracts, agreements on objects intellectual property. Define "patent portfolio" the company, in need of protection.
  3. Protection
    We develop a set of measures for the protection of intellectual property properties. Make edits to contracts, prepare the missing documents, protect your interests in administrative bodies.


Challenged the trademarks non-use claim

Issue: The customer received an action for not using the trademarks number

Protection of copyright and related rights, including the Internet is a pretty difficult task that requires a certain experience and knowledge. Wrong Treaty drawn up, ignorance of the law in the field intellectual property may cause your company has huge losses.