Company info

Sparta Consulting law firm specializes in complex legal business support. The main work features are an individual approach to each request, attention to detail and professionalism.

The central Sparta Consulting’s office is located in Moscow, but we are engaged in legal services provision in both the territory of 11 constituent entities of the Russian Federation and far beyond its borders, namely in Lithuania and Hong Kong thanks to our extensive partners chain. Therefore, if there is a need to order a legal service outside the Moscow region, our clients will not need to search for regional lawyers - they will receive the corresponding service from Sparta Consulting.

Highly-developed partners chain allows us to provide services throughout Russia and beyond

When experience matters

Sparta Consulting law firm specializes in complex legal business support. We do not limit our services list by any law branch and used to resolve all issues.

It is always extremely important for us to provide our client with the turn-key legal support. Therefore, we have quite a common service for full subscriber service. For 10 years of experience we had resolved complex cases for medical and restaurant consulting, after which the clients started to cooperate with us on a regular basis in the subscription services form.

10 years
Each Sparta Consulting’s employee has at least 10 years of experience

It is important for us when each client calls and invites us first when any legal issue arises (even minimal). Our lawyers are always ready to come to the office or any convenient place for consultation.

We protect our clients’ interests and achieve goals

200 mln
saved 200 million customers through the taxation optimization

150 mln
150 million debts were recovered in favor of clients

147 bankruptcies
147 bankruptcies were conducted without prejudice to the founders

134 trademarks
Registered 134 trademarks

We often we are making financial concessions to our client since one-time earnings is not our company's goal. Sparta Consulting always gives priority to long-term cooperation and the complex issues solution rather than a local one.

Our company’s slogan is "When experience matters". The key word is "experience". Having worked for more than 10 years in leading law country’s firms, two successful lawyers-practitioners decided to unite their efforts and establish their own business.

We provide a number of legal services for businesses at adequate prices. The highest priority for us is the customer's satisfaction with the service rendered to him, as well as his desire to continue working together on other projects.

You’ll have an opportunity to evaluate our individual and creative approach to your issue resolving in the stereotyped thinking absence since the first minutes of our cooperation.

You will make sure that the experience matters when working with Sparta Consulting!

We teamed up as one team because we follow the same work principles:

  1. We consider each case individually and refuse from acting on patterns.
  2. We never get rush job – we always plan it.
  3. We’re always frank with the clients and do not instill false hopes.
  4. We used to achieve all our goals and never hope for a miracle.