Buying / selling a business

The purchase or sale of a business or enterprise as a property complex is a complex transaction from a legal and financial point of view and from the point of view of organization of this process, because the subject of the transaction is not only a combination of assets and liabilities, but also business reputation.

From sellers and buyers, there are many questions about the fair price of the business, the search facility for buying or potential buyers about the risks, proper design of such transaction and its tax implications.

Of course, the transaction for the purchase or sale of business are made a financial risk.

By entering into such a transaction, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive audit of the company, to gather information about the seller and the buyer to assess the financial position of the parties, to check whether the company has debt, the availability of administrative resources.

It is therefore recommended to seek legal support to qualified professionals who have excellent knowledge of civil and tax legislation, conduct due diligence and provide transaction security.

Procedure for legal support of sale and purchase of the business from Sparta Consulting includes:

  • analysis of corporate documents of the owner that allows you to answer a number of important issues for the future of the contract: the form of the transaction, the manner of its implementation, the status of the seller, the other parties to the transaction, etc.;
  • the analysis of the financial condition of the business, which can detect the existence of debts to creditors, the debts on taxes, duties, will give an objective picture of existing assets and liabilities. Business valuation includes the financial, organisational and technological analysis of the activities of the business and its prospects;
  • preparation of draft documents for the transaction (set of transactions) for the sale of the business;
  • the implementation of the agreed purchase scheme, including the state registration of change of ownership, changes in the constituent documents in the register of shareholders, etc. to EGRUL

Services in the framework of the purchase/sale of business:

Transaction support at all stages will help to identify problems and assess the risks that it will protect you from future adverse consequences, and you will get the result we wanted.

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Don't want to buy a pig in a poke? Then don't believe the seller's word. In any case he will get the money and Oligocene, and you may get new worries and losses.