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The nuances in the sale of shares in the company

Any transaction for the sale of parts to whole, as a rule, begins with the observance of the procedure for the implementation by the other owners of the whole of the pre-emptive right to acquire alienated part. Is no exception and sale / purchase of share in the Charter capital of a limited liability company (the "company", "LLC"). So, where do you start, if the LLC member decided to sell

The order of competitors

Competition is the reason that makes to work as the entire market system as a whole and its separate mechanisms. This is the driving force that is both positive and negative aspects, depending on where to take the course. The latter often "forced" less successful traders unworthy to take steps and act by the rules of open competition. This behavior is expressed

Bad debts

The company-the debtor has long been eliminated and excluded from the state register... is Already on this basis can be attributed to this "creditors" to the category of bad debts. But even here the tax authorities there is often a different view. To rely in such cases you will have to arbitration. Debt at the memory of the execution of the contract delivery company "Arkhbum" pre-paid part of the ordered goods – timber for production of pulp, wood